Below are a few of the comments from parents of our students who have completed the program.

Changing learning from pain to love.



From the center in Arizona, Dr. Paul Beljan, writes, “…we have not had a single failure! We have worked with some very difficult children and weathered their tantrums and complaints, only to win them over. It is not unusual for our children to begin behaving better within two weeks. It also is not unusual for a parent to come into our offices crying and stating, ‘I don’t know what you are doing, but I have the kid I always thought I could have.




I am so grateful for Learning Pathways. When the neuropsychologist first told me “dyslexia,” my heart sank, and I felt like I was free falling with no end. Learning Pathways has supported our entire family through this very difficult journey. Their kind support and amazing teachers create a joyful experience–one that my child looks forward to and misses when we are away on vacation! Learning Pathways’ ability to give the child the tools and skills to manage their individual Learning Disabilities has helped my child grow out of her self-doubt and insecurities into an amazing, strong, confident child (and reader!).

After a year of intensive work with Learning Pathways, my child is above grade level!

After a conversation about my child’s learning disabilities and the work she does at Learning Pathways, her classroom teacher had certain expectations about the year. I cried when the teacher pulled me aside after the first two weeks of school and told me my child was academically more prepared than most and expressed her amazement with my child’s ABOVE grade level abilities.

It is difficult to know your child is struggling–in everything. It is also difficult to know what to do to help them. I am so grateful that we found Learning Pathways. The approach they use joyfully supports the child. Not only did my child’s academic abilities increase to above grade level, but her confidence and sense of self sky also rocketed. Sending my daughter to Learning Pathways is the best thing I have done as a parent.

This was the best money I have ever spent. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Deborah and Learning Pathways.

Gavin – 12 YEARS OLD

Since this past spring 2014, Gavin started this amazing program that has absolutely transformed our school life, he has improved several grade reading levels, he has improved in math, and best of all, he is enthusiastic about learning. I am beyond grateful for all the great work that happens here. Additionally, well beyond school stuff, Deb and her amazing team have held Gavin through other difficult transitions. Thank you so much!! Clearly Gavin’s message on the board says it all.

 — feeling blessed with Deborah Kratovil at Learning Pathways LLC.

Gavin – 12 YEARS OLD


Learning Pathways has been our lighthouse.  My daughter wanted to transition to a more academically inclined school.  As she left her previous school she could not read and did not have any capacity for math.  I contacted Learning Pathways gave them the situation and we worked out a game plan.  Deborah worked with us personally to assess the situation and made our daughter always feel warmed and welcomed.  Her tutors are professional and since our working with learning pathways she has thrived, been engaged, and felt confident in her work.  We could not have achieved the level of academic success and the confidence it has bestowed upon my daughter.  I have a sense of relief that she is supported both academically and as a life long student with sound academics in critical thinking and problem solving.  Learning Pathways takes into account the student and tailors curriculum based upon the needs of the child and the goals set forth but always in a fun multi sensory approach that fosters mental agility built upon strong foundations.



“Wonderful! Great staff who worked really well with my son who can be difficult and has lots of challenges. He’s learned so much, and I feel like we got to the root of his problems. Much better reading comprehension and fluency. Improved letter formation and spacing. Better connection of ideas when writing–his stories make sense now! His spelling is much better. His attitude toward school is more positive. He enjoys reading now. THANK YOU!”


“Several jumps in reading ability, comprehension and confidence. Her motor coordination improved along with her self-confidence. Her handwriting has also improved tremendously–so much so I didn’t recognize it as hers because it was so nice. Her writing ability and confidence has also improved greatly. It was a well-rounded, comprehensive program that challenged my daughter both intellectually and physically. Everything about her improved, most especially her confidence.”


“We are extremely happy with the Learning Pathways Program. Our son looked forward to his sessions with Stephanie. His favorite exercise was the jump rope–an amazing choice from someone who could not jump rope at all before he started! Though Stephanie challenged him with each new exercise, his self-esteem skyrocketed as he progressed through the program. The improvements in his behavior at home and at school are phenomenal! Our son benefited greatly from this program! After completing just a few months of sessions, our son developed his ability to focus and follow directions. We first noticed these changes with everyday activities, such as getting ready for school, participating in family outings, and doing homework! We knew the program was a success when his teachers raved about his improved behavior in school, particularly with better focus on his assignments, increased self-control in the classroom and on the playground, and enhanced coordination in physical education classes. We celebrate his progress everyday!”


“Learning Pathways has empowered our children with gifts that they will hold for the rest of their lives.  I can’t say enough about the power in what they do. We intentionally held reading and writing off to enable our children’s other gifts to develop, and when it was clearly time to begin, we simply didn’t know where to start.  The kids needed and wanted to learn to read fast.  Learning Pathways has guided our children through what would have taken other schools and programs many years to accomplish in several months!  This investment was the wisest our family has made.  While all children are different, at Learning Pathways, it’s as if my son (who struggles within the spectrum of autism) doesn’t have learning differences or a disability, he simply learns.  Their techniques are so powerful and effective in reaching the child that his differences are not impacting his ability to learn material.  This is a gift I never expected him to receive and one every child deserves.”


“I wanted to write you a note to let you know what a difference your program has made in my family’s life. Although it was my son who went through your program, we have all benefited.

Max was an average student who struggled with reading and whose handwriting was close to illegible. I thought he could do so much more in school, but there seemed to be some disconnect. I saw your ad and answered yes to every question and calling you was the best move I have made on behalf of my son’s education. We started the program and you mentioned that there weren’t any major milestone markers to know that the program is working, but I knew “something” was happening when he came home from school one day, sat on the couch and started reading. All on his own! Without Mom or Dad having to nag him or even suggest it. This was a first, and I actually called his Dad, Eric, at work to let him know about it. He also was in shock–happy shock, but still, shock.

Max’s reading score on the CSAP (not that we like the test) went up almost 3 grade levels. HIs teachers commented on his writing and his handwriting and how much better he was doing at both. It was no longer a struggle to get him to write more than 3 sentences–he was writing paragraphs!!

Max is a 6th grader this year at Louisville Middle School and he has all A’s and one B and all of his teachers have wonderful things to say about him. This hasn’t happened since first grade, and I can only attribute it to Learning Pathways and the commitment you and Amy made to my son. He struggled during the program, and there were moments when I struggled in getting him there 3 times a week. But, boy, was it worth it! There is no fighting to get him to do his work or read. There are no more traumatic meltdowns when he comes up against something that is challenging. And our family is much more peaceful.

Thank you so much for being there and working with Max and helping him reach his full potential. It has made a huge difference in all of our lives.”
– Val Weber

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