Cogmed Working Memory Training is a program focused on dramatic improvement in an individual’s working memory capacity. It has been clinically proven to improve working memory 25% on average.  This program is available for both children and adults who can improve performance at school or work by overcoming a weak working memory.

What is Cogmed Working Memory Training? Cogmed is a computer-based training regimen that focuses on exercises for the brain’s working memory area.   Similar to many Learning Pathways’ training modalities, Cogmed Working Memory Training is based on the science of neuroplasticity. In essence, it causes the brain to remap its neural structure.
Our Cogmed training is supported by a Cogmed-trained coach and local psychiatrist, Dr. Leland Johnston. We ensure the suitability of Cogmed to the user, that the user has the right profile for the training, and that the structure is right. The main training sessions are done at home with support from your coach to provide advice, incremental feedback, and motivation.
There are six steps to the training:
Initial Interview  –  making sure Cogmed is the right choice.

Start-up session
 –  planning the training.

Five weeks of training with weekly coach calls
– weekly support to ensure successfully completion

Access to the Cogmed Training Web
– online review and results of each day’s training session.

Wrap-up session
– Our coach summarizes the training together with the user.

Six month follow-up interview
One-Year follow-up interview

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