About us

About Our Mission

I am the parent of a child who struggled with dyslexia. Notice I say “struggled” not “struggles.”  For us, it’s in the past tense, and I know it can be for anyone else too.  I know what the journey is like emotionally, financially, and academically. I also know what it’s like to climb that hill and come down the other side. The climb is tough, but it’s well worth it to succeed.  I am committed to providing the highest level of services to help any struggling student of any age overcome any learning disability including dyslexia. Orton-Gillingham reading, spelling, and math are used to provide evidence-based, clinically proven methods of intervention in a caring, supportive environment focused on success delivered one on one by highly-trained staff who are dedicated to helping students thrive.

Our evidence-based methods are proven to be extremely effective. The changes are permanent and far-reaching. There is no need for any child, adolescent, or adult to struggle needlessly when proven, permanent solutions are available.